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Match the right tenants to the perfect location.

Commercial Real Estate location strategy and planning for a modern age.

Managing Commercial Real Estate means you need all the answers.

Which markets have the right types of consumers? How do you balance your brand strength with your competition’s presence? Knowing the answers to these questions during site selection used to be largely based on intuition. Today, commercial real estate managers are under immense pressure to stop the guessing game and get the numbers right.

Success in Commercial Real Estate really happens when you can recruit the right tenants who can thrive in your locations.

We understand how high your stakes are. The modern commercial Real Estate strategy needs to incorporate data-driven decision making with modern market analysis. That’s where we come in.

Plan new locations.


Plan new locations.

Sitewise location reporting generates site packages with detailed analysis and runs reports on hundreds of sites at a time to compare and analyze. We customize each component of your location reporting for your exact real estate needs.


Track your Store Pipeline

Visualize your stores as they go from dirt to construction. Then Seamlessly integrate your lease admin system with Sitewise to manage costs and renewals. 


Custom Mapping

Sitewise generates high-quality maps for reporting and presentations.



Forecast Sales and Revenue

Forecast your revenue as you add new stores or relocate existing ones. Then calculate the impact any relocations have on existing stores, dialing in your cannibalization and overlap

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Site Tours

Plan your tour with the Tour feature and access all your data from your phone using Sitewise Mobile


Supportable Store/White Space Analysis

How many locations can you put in a market? A supportable store report gives you a methodology to determine your chain’s total market potential

Want to see how Sitewise can help your commercial Real Estate strategy?

Get the answers and support you need.

Have a question while planning and managing your locations? Sitewise support can show you how to get the insights you need: Only one click away and always available by phone   

The right data means a better relationship with your customers.


Track other chains and their connection to yours

Shopping Center Data

Getting data on shopping centers across North America

Live Event Data

Use upcoming event data in Marketing to attract customers to your restaurant.

GeoSocial and Mobile Data

Use social and mobile to get a good sense of their movements and buying habits.

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